The CPA for Burlington Committee

The yesCPAburlington committee is an offical ballot committee registered with the Town of Burlington. This is a list of the active members.

Donations to our effort have been made by committee members and from other Burlington community members: those who live here and a few that work here. (You can donate here.)

We have raised roughly $6000 since 2019 when we started the campaign. We have received over 40 donations with an average amount of $125.

We put the campaign on hold because of COVID, but 9 other communities went ahead and passed CPA in 2020 and are now at work creating projects and getting the state matching funds.

We are reaching out in every way we can to let voters know about the benefits of CPA for Massachusetts communities. 189 cities and town have adopted CPA. None has left the program, which can be done. 55 communities voted not to join. Some communities voted CPA down, and then voted it in later!

Steering Committee:
Bill Boivin
Precinct 1, Town Meeting Member, Vice Chair of Conservation Commission
Larry Cohen
Precinct 6, Chair of Conservation Commission
Jance Cohen
Precinct 6, Library Trustee
Ed Dube
Precinct 2
Shari Ellis
Precinct 3, Town Meeting Member
Mary Nohelty
Precinct 5, Historical Commission Member, President of Historical Society
Monte Pearson
Precinct 3, Town Meeting Member, 
Cindy Phillips
Precinct 2, Town Meeting Member, Burlington Volunteer Reserve Corps
Jon Sachs, Chair
Precinct 7, Town Meeting Member, Sculpture Park Committee, Master Plan Steering Committee
Myrna Saltman
Precinct 2, Town Meeting Member
Kevin Sullivan
Precinct 3, Recreation Commissioner
David Webb
Precinct 7, Town Meeting Member