Wayne Higden
Lifelong Burlington Resident Wayne Higden talks about how CPA could save an historic building.

CPA MINUTE: Wayne Higden on The Union School


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“Hello, I am Wayne Higden, long time Burlington resident. I have always been interested in our town’s history and involved in preserving it. CPA funding will allow us to save our historic buildings. For example, our Police station is housed in what was the Union School, which I attended as a student in the 1st, 4th and 8th grades.

It was built in the 1800’s as the first multi-room school house in Town and it could qualify for the “National Register of Historical” sites. The Union school is a grand building in an important central location. When the police department moves to a new modern facility, CPA funds can be used to restore and update the Union school for other purposes, whatever Burlington wants, be it affordable housing, a cultural center, or other uses.

Show your support for saving Burlington History by voting for the Community Preservation Act in Burlington this November 8th.”

Please note: our script says “when the police department moves out”. This is not definite. Our script should say “if the police department moves out”.

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