Alan Levine on CPA
Alan Levine of Lexington on CPA

CPA MINUTE: The Lexington Experience


“Hello, my name is Alan Levine. I’m a long time member of the Town of Lexington’s finance committee.

In the 16 years since Lexington adopted the CPA, the CPA has brought in state matching funds equal to about 25% of all the money spent on CPA projects, and, from my perspective, has made the annual budgeting process easier, especially for critical pieces that tend to get pushed aside.

Lexington has made extensive use of CPA funds for projects in each of the four areas in the Act.  Over 40 units of affordable housing have been created and large contributions have been made to the preservation of the affordable housing developments and scattered site units that predate the CPA, and over 60 recreational facilities have been created or preserved.

I think only a relatively small fraction of these projects would have been funded if Lexington had not adopted the CPA.  It is helping the Town properly care for its valuable assets. Our CPA program has solid support as it makes Lexington a better place to live.”

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