Dean Charter of Acton
Acton Select Board Chair Dean Charter on CPA Success in Acton

CPA MINUTE: Success in Acton


Hello, I am Dean Charter and I am presently serving as Select Board Chair for the Town of Acton.

I have served on our Community Preservation Committee since 2016. Acton approved the CPA in 2002, at a 1.5% surcharge rate.

Over these 20 years Acton has spent over $8 million for Open Space Preservation, well over $3 million for Historic Resources, over $5 million for Community Housing, and over $5 million for Recreation, for a grand total of over $24,000,000.

The state matching funds have increased our spending power every year.

Over 67 acres of Open Space have been purchased outright and 54 acres have been protected in perpetuity through the purchase of Conservation Restrictions.

We have replaced all the playground equipment at three parks, including making the playgrounds universally accessible, plus we have providing funding for a picnic pavilion and sports pavilion at NARA Park.

I strongly recommend that any town that does not have the CPA in place should move forward to take advantage of this opportunity as we have.  The entire program has very widespread support at our Open Town Meeting each year.”

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