Ruth Neeman on CPA
Burlington Architect Ruth Neeman on Small Scale Senior Housing

CPA MINUTE: Small Scale Senior Housing


Examples of Affordable Housing In Massachusetts

This video mentions that there are many examples of truly affordable housing communities in Massachusetts. In response to interest from viewers for more information about such housing here is a list. Some of these are for seniors, most are for families:

  1. Attleboro Properties, 227 Units.
  2. Bay Meadows, Springfield, 148 Units
  3. Bedford Village 110 Units 
  4. Brandy Hill, East Wareham, 132 Units
  5. Bridle Path Apartments, Randolph, 104 Units
  6. Briston Arms, Cambridge, 154 Units
  7. Canal Bluffs, Bourne, 28 Units
  8. Central Annex, Pittsfield, 101 Units
  9. Chestnut Gardens, Lynn, 65 Units
  10. Clay Pond Cove, Bourne,  45 Units
  11. Cromwell Courts, Hyannis, 124 Units
  12. Meadowbrook Apartments, Florence, 252 Units
  13. Pond Meadow, Wrentham, 66 Units
  14. Daggett Crandall Newcombe, Norton, 28 beds
  15. Fairing Way, South Weymouth, 200 Units
  16. The Residences at Snow Place, West Roxbury, 36 Units

The video presented here just shows how CPA can provide the funds necessary to plan and further fund small scale housing on land that Burlington already owns.

Hello, my name is Ruth Neeman. I am a Burlington resident and an architect.

I have dedicated my professional life to designing environments that are friendly for elders. We have all seen elders living alone where their health and the state of their living situation are both in serious decline. Social isolation has been identified as a serious physical and mental health problem. Burlington has many elder citizens needing affordable supportive places to live.

The Burlington Housing Authority owns land where small scale affordable senior housing can be developed. The Community Preservation Act can provide the seed money for the critical initial planning that makes this kind of project eligible for state and federal grants.

Once these communities are built, they are supported by affordable rents paid. There are many such communities in Massachusetts.

This is a long-term process. I will likely be retired before such a project comes to fruition but I know that CPA funds can get this critical process in motion.

A community is measured by how it treats its most vulnerable. This is just one more reason to vote for the Community Preservation Act on on November 8th. Thank you

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