Michelle Fisher on CPA
Burlington mother Michelle Fisher on CPA for better recreation faciilties

CPA MINUTE: Better Recreation Facilities


“Hello. I am Michelle Fisher, Burlington resident and mother of two active teens who use our recreation facilities all the time.

While we love the parks and fields that Burlington provides, we also see areas that need improvement and we know that there is a long list of upgrades that the Rec Department wants to make over the next 10 years.

These upgrades include better parking at Marvin Field, making our fields and facilities accessible, renovation of the TRW playground, and the re-use of the Overlook Park property.

The Community Preservation Act, the CPA, has recreation as one of its target areas, so many of the Parks & Recreation Department projects could be accelerated if CPA passes.

For my kids and really for kids for years to come, please vote yes on #5 for CPA on November 8th.

Thank you.”

Help us pass this important program: