Help Us Pass CPA for Burlington

Burlington Common

Through the summer and into the fall the CPA Committee will be working to building support to pass the Community Preservation Act in Burlington. CPA will improve the quality of life in our town in many ways: more open space and recreation facilities, more historical preservation, and more affordable housing. We will be networking among […]

Town Meeting Approves CPA for November Ballot

After a lengthy debate the Burlington Town Meeting of May 2022 voted to place the CPA on the November 2022 ballot for citizens to decide on. The CPA committee is now shifting our communication focus to the citizens and you can expect to see and hear more outreach from us as the election nears.

Who Decides How CPA Monies Are Spent?

Only Burlington Town Meeting can approve CPA expenditures. A Community Preservation Committee with representatives from the public and various town boards and commissions will review CPA project proposals, and then forward recommended projects to Town Meeting. Town Meeting will then vote on which CPA projects to support.

CPA Accomplishments in Massachusetts

More than 1,100 CPA projects were funded in FY19, and the work being done by CPA communities across the state continues to impress and inspire. The cumulative statistics on the statewide program clearly demonstrate the incredible impact of CPA: 30,894 acres of open space have been preserved More than 6,800 affordable housing units have been […]

Can Burlington Exit the CPA Program?

Can Burlington leave the CPA program?

Yes, any community can leave the CPA program by the same town vote by which they passed it. But no member community has ever voted to leave the program.

Major CPA Open Space Purchase

rattlesnake hill in sharon

After more than 20 years of work by state and local conservationists, all 339 acres of Sharon’s Rattlesnake Hill will be permanently protected as open space. At a special town meeting on November 4th, voters in Sharon chose to spend $7.5 million in CPA funds to assist in the purchase of this ecologically important tract […]