What Burlington could do with CPA funds.


Townwide Walking and Biking

Develop a Town-wide bicycle and pedestrian plan. A feasibility study to connect the Minuteman Bikeway Trail from Arlington to 3rd Ave and possibly to the Landlocked Forest.


Develop Boardwalks Along Our Waterways

Construction of a boardwalk with educational signage, at the Vine Brook aquifer after the well fields are shut down when MWRA connection is completed; create a boardwalk both to allow wildlife viewing and safe walking along Wheeler Road; expand the Riverwalk in The District; preserve local wooded lots from development.

Preserve Local Woodlots

There are many neighborhood where a small woodlot is a prized by all the neighbors, but often these lots are developed. CPA money can purchase these lots and truly preserve the character of these neighborhoods.

wildwood park plan

Enhance Wildwood Park

Continue enhance Wildwood Park with more facilities for people of various ages and abilities; improve playing fields in many of our parks, provide more parking at parks, install bathroom facilities at parks, create a town swimming pool.

bouldering wall

Outdoor Bouldering Wall

The Rec Department has had many requests for an outdoor climbing wall and CPA money can be used for that at Simonds Park or another local park.


Unity School

Convert the Police Station

If and when the Police move from the Unity School building, CPA funds can be used to convert the building to other uses, from affordable housing to a cultural center, whatever the town wants.

Save Our Historic Houses

Most people know that precious historic homes have been lost in Burlington due to lack of funds. CPA can directly help this and there are many, many more historic buildings that we can save with CPA money.

Save the Kent Cottage

CPA money can be used to rehabilitate the Kent Cottage and find a suitable use for it. This beloved Burlington landmark is perfect use for CPA funds.

Burlington Museum

Enhance the Burlington Museum

CPA funds can allow us to improve and expand our museum, protect more of our history, and possibly connect the museum to the Old Burial Ground for a more robust historic center.

Preserve the Old West School

The Old West School was last rehabilitated in 1964. CPA funds can keep this structure sound and increase its use as a community resource and historical treasure.

Burlington Burial Ground

Enhance and Preserve the Old Burial Ground

CPA funds can support the upkeep for this historic cemetery, with graves going back to 1739.


Affordable Housing: Purchase Single Family Homes

We can buy more small houses in Burlington, as we have already done, and sell them as affordable with deed restrictions that will keep them as affordable housing.


Affordable Housing: Maintain Our Existing Units

CPA funding can help us provide more affordable housing opportunities and assist with renovations to the current affordable housing stock, such as the single family homes on South Bedford Street.

affordable housing

Affordable Housing: Expand Elderly Units

CPA funding can help us to provide more affordable housing for our elderly residents.

wildwood park plan

Burlington will surely benefit from CPA funding as 189 other cities and towns have done.

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