Examples of what other towns have done with CPA funds.


Open Space: Boardwalk in Acton

Acton funded construction of a new universal access boardwalk wildflower garden area within the Acton Arboretum with $24,000 of CPA funding.

Open Space: Walking Trails for Seniors in Dennis

Dennis used $35,000 of CPA funds to create walking trails/passive recreation for Seniors and handicap individuals.

vernal pool path

Open Space: Boardwalk in Wellesley

Wellesley funded construction of a boardwalk and observation area, with educational signage, at the vernal pool with $50,000 of CPA funding. The Rotary Club worked on the project and recruited volunteers to build it.

Historic Preservation: Bedford Depot

Bedford was able to restore the exterior and interior of their Depot with nearly $300,000 in CPA funding. Bedford has funded many projects in and around the Depot via CPA.

Historic Preservation: Braintree's Hollis School

CPA provided over $200,000 for renovations of the historic Hollis School in Braintree.

Historic Preservation: Bridgewater's Prospect Cemetery

Bridgewater was able to rebuild a fence around their historic cemetery with $40,000 in CPA funds.

Affordable Housing: Cambridge : 13 Affordable Rentals

Scouting Way, a deteriorated property, was redeveloped into 13 affordable family-sized rental units with 5 two-bedroom units and 8 three-bedroom units with $990,000 from CPA.

Affordable Housing: Ayer: Elevator for Elderly

Ayer got $177,000 in CPA funding to add an elevator in an elderly housing building.

Affordable Housing: Canton: Senior Housing

Preserve forty-eight affordable housing units at the Hagan Court Senior Housing complex by installing ground fault electrical outlets to comply with building codes; and individual exhaust fans to address chronic mold and mildew problems in the units.

wildwood park plan

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