How does the CPA work?

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The CPA was established by Massachusetts law to encourage historic preservation, open space, and affordable housing.

  • The CPA statute created a statewide Community Preservation Trust Fund, administered by the Department of Revenue (DOR), which provides distributions each year to communities that have adopted CPA.
  • CPA Trust fund revenues are partly derived from a fee placed on all real estate transactions at the state’s Registry of Deeds.
  • These annual disbursements serve as an incentive for communities to pass CPA.
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Cities and towns that adopt the CPA obtain community preservation funds from two sources: 

  • A local property tax surcharge and
  • A yearly distribution from the statewide CPA Trust Fund.
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$60 - $100 per year

How much would the property surtax be?

  • First of all, there are exemptions for age and income.
  • With the first $100,000 exempt from the surcharge, the average homeowner would pay less than $75 per year.

A little bit of from each of us adds up.

How much would CPA generate for Burlington?

  • At a 1.5% rate we will generate over $1.6 million per year.
  • The amount the state contributes varies from year to year, but…
  • The current return is roughly 40%, on each dollar Burlington raises!

How does the money get spent?

  • 10% of the total amount must be set aside each year on the three target areas: historical preservation, open space, and affordable housing.
  • The remaining 70% may be saved or spent on any of the three target areas, so there is a great deal of flexibility on where our CPA will be spent.
  • Up to just 5% may be spent on administrative costs.
  • The town will form a CPA Committee with representation from: Conservation, Planning, Historical Commission, Housing Authority, and Recreation, plus optional at-large members.
  • Town groups, committees or individuals may submit proposals for fund to the CPA Committee.
  • The CPA Committee reviews projects submitted in public sessions and determines which projects would benefit the community.
  • Town Meeting decides on whether to go forward with any project approved by the CPA Committee.
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Burlington will surely benefit from CPA funding as 189 other cities and towns have done.

Here is the way you can help pass CPA:

Search the CPA Database!

To see many hundreds of other projects funded by CPA you can search their database by topic and by towns.