Mike Runyan
Mike Runyan, Select Board Member, Fireman, and Housing Advocate on CPA and affordable housing

CPA MINUTE: Mike Runyan on Affordable Housing


“Hello I am Mike Runyan, lifetime Burlington resident, Fireman, Select Board member, and housing advocate.

We see in Burlington a very high number of demolition permits, as many as 50 per year, which is changing the character of our neighborhoods and making homes less and less affordable.

If we pass the Community Preservation Act this November, we can save some of these houses and make them available at affordable rates. CPA communities such as Acton, Billerica,  Concord, Eastham, Newton, Peabody and many others have used CPA funds to preserve single family houses and make them affordable to long time residents.

Vote for the CPA on November 8. Thank you.”

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