Mary Nohelty on CPA
Mary Nohelty of the Historical Commission and Historical Society on Preservation

CPA MINUTE: Mary Nohelty on Historical Preservation


“Hello. My name is Mary Nohelty, of the Burlington Historical Commission and the Historical Society.

Here in Burlington we have had a number of wonderful historical houses that were torn down because there simply were not funds available to save them. We lost the Jonathan Simonds house recently.

Many people think that we don’t have historically important houses in Burlington, like Concord and Lexington, but we do. There are 159 homes over 100 years old in Burlington.  Of these 16 have particular historical significance.

With CPA Funds we will be able to assist these owners of historical properties to preserve these buildings.

As Burlington marches on to the future, we cannot forget our history.

The Community Preservation Act was created with historic preservation as one of its primary goals. CPA is good for Burlington. Please vote to pass the Community Preservation Act on November 8th”

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