Larry Cohen for CPA
Conservation Commissioner Larry Cohen talks about creating a river walk along our Vine Brook.

CPA MINUTE: Larry Cohen on Vine Brook Riverwalk


“Hi. I am Larry Cohen, chair of the Burlington Conservation Commission. One of Burlington’s precious natural resources is Vine Brook. Vine Brook flows through Burlington, then past a beautiful water fall and then winds its way through our Aquifer District. Town Meeting recently voted to take the Vine Brook water treatment plant offline and replace it with a connection to the MWRA.

The vast Aquifer District will then be left as a lovely wetland, teeming with birds and other wildlife. The Conservation Commission has developed a concept called the Vine Brook Riverwalk, a linear park following Vine Brook throughout the center of our town.  This walkway could feature benches, lighting, public art, outdoor seating, display gardens, and other attractions.

The Community Preservation Act can provide the funds necessary to make such an exciting project possible. So vote YES to for CPA on the November 8 ballot. ”

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