Jon Sachs
Jon Sachs, Chair of the CPA Committee on the Community Preservation Act for Burlington

CPA MINUTE: Jon Sachs on the Community Preservation Act


“Hi, I’m Jon Sachs, chair of the Committee to pass the Community Preservation act in Burlington.Why am I working so hard with others to pass the CPA? For the same reasons I worked with others to save Mary Cummings Park from development, and to create the Sculpture Park All of these efforts will improve the quality of life for generations. People say Burlington can do whatever we want without CPA. But we have already lost historic houses due to lack of funds. We have people on the waiting list for affordable housing. We have lost beloved neighborhood woodlands. At a cost of about $78 per year per homeowner, we can start fixing and saving: boardwalks along streets too dangerous to walk, playgrounds that work for all kids, even those with disabilities. Let’s join the 189 communities that have already adopted CPA and start getting our share of those state matching funds. Vote yes on 5 for CPA on November 8th.”

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