Jessika DuBay-Dang, Burlington parent talks about better playgrounds.

CPA MINUTE: Jessika Dubay-Dang on Playgrounds

“Hello, I am Jessika DuBay-Dang, a Burlington mother.

I take my kids to Wildwood Park and to Simonds Park and we enjoy them very much.

But they could be so much better for families. To start with, just having real restroom facilities would be a great boon to anyone with small children that may need changing or are recently potty trained.

Since many of our parks are multi-use, bathroom facilities are extremely important.

Our parks would also benefit from Universal Design, which allows for children of all abilities to utilize the park.

In addition to physical accessibility, Universal Design takes sensory, cognitive, and emotional abilities into consideration to create an environment all people can enjoy.

A simple example is using ramps so that kids in wheelchairs can join in the fun, but running up and down the ramps also enhances the experience of all kids.

The Community Preservation Act has been used in many parts of Massachusetts to raise the standards of public parks, from Arlington to Waltham.

Please vote for CPA on November 8th, for all the future families of Burlington.”


Please note that video clips and images were from the pioneering playground company Miracle.


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