Jennifer O'Riorden of the Conservation Commission on Saving Neighborhood Woodlands

CPA MINUTE: Jennifer O’Riorden on Wooded Parcels


“Hello, I am Jennifer O’Riordan, Burlington resident and member of our Conservation Commission.

Here is a difficult situation that comes up in Burlington: there is a piece of woods in a neighborhood that has been there for decades, proving shade, peace and quiet, a home for wildlife, and a place for children to play and explore.

But at some point that piece of land is purchased by a developer to build housing. Often the neighborhood residents are very upset to see the entire character of their neighborhood change, but the development is legal and… nothing can be done.

The Community Preservation Act allows communities to control what happens with open space. CPA provides funds so that plots of land can be purchased and protected.

Communities such as Ashland, Bedford, Billerica, and Randolph have used CPA funds to preserve small but critical neighborhood wooded parcels. Vote for CPA on November 8: to preserve places we love in Burlington.”

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