Town Meeting member Betsey Hughes speaks in a one minute video about how CPA can provide a safe and spectacular boardwalk through a wetland.

CPA MINUTE: Betsey Hughes on Safe Walkways


Here are ways you can help pass CPA:

“My name is Betsey Hughes. I am a town meeting member for Precinct 7 and live near Blanchard Road. Many of you may know this road as a “cut through” but there is much more to this part of Town. In addition to beautiful Mary Cummings Park and these important wetlands, there are many homes and businesses, with many people walking this dangerous road daily. As a matter of fact,  the Town SideWalk Survey Identified this as the #1 need for safe sidewalks.  

But, given the wetlands and narrow road, a  boardwalk is needed to make a safe place to walk. This is where CPA comes in… We can build a lovely boardwalk parallel to the road at the edge of the wetland, providing both safe walking and… closeup viewing areas for these vibrant wetlands and the wildlife that live here.

This is just one more great project that CPA can bring us, so please vote to pass the Community Preservation Act on November 8th.”

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